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About Euromoney Data

Your specialist direct and e-marketing List Owner

Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc is one of the global leaders in the publishing, conference and seminars business. With a core interest in the financial markets, Euromoney also has a substantial stable of publications in other industries including Legal, Tax, Aviation, Energy, Engineering, IT, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Property and Real Estate, Telecommunications and Transport to name but a few.

We have invested over 2 million pounds in building a highly sophisticated database, appropriately named EDEN: Euromoney's Database of Everybodys Names! This database handles over 1.5 million contacts that include our subscribers, book purchasers, event attendees and prospects and researched names. These are a result of our global success in the publishing and events industries.

In addition to this, Euromoney Data has over 50,000 researched contacts in electronic format derived from the best selling directories - Euromoney Capital Makets Directory and Institutional Investor Global Asset Management Database.

Marketing professionals come back to Euromoney Data as a key source of contacts to market a broad range of products and services, including software, magazines, newsletters, books, training, events and seminars.

All databases are global and cover a wide range of industries. To view these industries, please click here.

Did you know...

  • Euromoney Data offers a direct marketing list of over 1 million business to business contacts
  • 60% of the data consists of C-Level and senior management professionals
  • One of our most popular databases is 100% response generated
  • We have a rental list of over 300,000 email addresses
  • 81.3% of Euromoney Data customers are returning customers
  • We added over 100,000 new direct marketing names to our list in the last three months alone

Euromoney Data can help create an instant contact database for all your research and marketing needs. Direct marketing professionals come back to Euromoney Data to market a broad range of products and services, including software, magazines, newsletters, books, training, events and seminars.

For highly targeted direct marketing campaigns, you can choose from a wide range of interest areas - a list that includes Capital Markets, Investment Management, Treasury, Commercial or Private Banking, Corporate Finance and many more. We can also provide data outside of the financial sector including Aviation, Energy, Legal, Transport and Telecommunications.

We also have plenty of special direct marketing offers that will feature throughout the year along with our fantastic deals of the month.